Visit a haunted cemetery this Halloween

Alejandro Muratalla, Reporter

This Halloween, there are some haunted cemeteries around Illinois that warrant a visit, according to the website

  1. In Robinson Woods (Chicago Illinois) many have seen, heard, and smelled what indicates haunting. Some have seen Ghostly Shadow or Red or white orbs. Some have heard strange sounds. Others smell strong smells of Plants like lavender during the winter. 
  2. Interestingly, Graceland Cemetery is also in ChicagoThe cemetery is haunted by the spirit of Inez Clark, a young girl who was struck by lightning during a picnic. There is a statue of her near her grave. People say that on rainy days the statue vanishes, and you can see the girl wandering around the cemetery. 
  3. Meanwhile, in Alton Cemetery (Alton, Illinois). The cemetery is haunted by many ghosts. One is Lucky Haskell, A 9-year-old girl who can be seen in the vicinity of the Hayner/Haskell monument. Also, a spectral woman dressed in black that appears near the Grandview mausoleum.  

Interestingly, in a random survey someone I asked said they think haunted cemeteries are not real. Others said that haunted Cemeteries are real — you just need to see proof in person.