Should Students Wear Uniforms?

Esmeralda Franco, Reporter

Are uniform policies the best way to keep kids focused on learning? Or should students be allowed to wear what they want?

In a random survey of 50, Morton East students 42 said students should not wear uniforms to school. According to Time for kids, some schools have a policy stating that students must wear uniforms to class. Normally associated with private schools, uniforms have become more common in public schools, too. The National Center for Education Statistics says that, uniforms are required at about 22% of U.S. public schools. Many schools say uniforms make it easier for students to focus in class, and that uniforms promote inclusion. However, some students think uniforms are uncomfortable, and that kids should have the freedom to express their personality through their clothing.

“I do not think kids should have to wear a uniform. If students are wearing the exact same thing, they cannot express themselves. Kids should feel like they can be their own person. They should not have to match. During school hours, we should also be comfortable,” Junior Aylin Gomez said.

In the majority of students’ opinion, many say and think that students should not wear uniforms because that way they cannot express themselves and for some it makes them feel very uncomfortable wearing the same thing as the others.

“I think it is harder to bully someone about his or her clothes if you are all wearing the same thing. When everyone is dressed the same, you do not have to worry about how you look or about wearing the latest trend. Parents can save money, as well! In addition, in the morning, I can save time because I do not have to choose what kind of clothes I should wear,” Senior Guadalupe Cebrero said.

However not all students have the same opinion some of them disagree and think it’s better for students to wear uniforms so they won’t have to worry about how they look or struggling everyday choosing what clothes to wear students will waste too much time doing this.

“A nosotros los padres se nos hace mas facil que nuestros hijos usen uniformes haci no gastamos tanto en ropa al no llevar uniforme es cuestion de estar compre y compre ropa ya que los muchachos no van a estar queriendo usar la misma ropa constantemente,” Parent Ruben Franco said.

In addition, many parents also have their opinion many say that students should wear uniforms that way they can save up money and not waste a lot in buying their children different clothes constantly.