Antifa: what is it?

Jesus Martinez, reporter

Trump supporter shot dead by Antifa supporter in Portland, Oregon.What is Antifa? Are they fighting the good fight for society? Before we dig deep on this subject, we must know what Antifa is.

Antifa is a far-left “anti-fascist” militant political movement that aims to achieve its goals through direct actions rather than policies. Antifa members engage in digital activism, property damage, violence, and harassment against those whom they deem racist, fascist, and far-right. Seems very ironic to call Antifa Anti-fascist if they enforce their particular ideology to the point of violence that sounds like a bit like fascism. In a random survey of 4 Morton East students, those 4 students reported that Antifa isn’t good for society.

“I’m saying that isn’t the case now the whole reason The Proud Boys stood up because they want to protect western values also our country. Antifa and A.C.A.B. have zero respect for law enforcement and have been blocking highway exits even roadways also causing chaos around neighborhoods across the country. Why would the police help them when they are in harm’s way when they want to defund the police departments? Not last but cry victim when they are in a situation and they don’t get help zero logic!” senior Said Aguirre said.

Said’s point of view is that Antifa is a very destructive movement.  But, others don’t necessarily see it as such.  Some see Antifa as freedom of speech movement.

“I went to a Ministry concert last year and ANTIFA was plastered all over their show. I had no idea what it was about, so I researched it. Anti-Fascism is not a bad thing, but like all things, let’s keep the violence in check,”  journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

Ironically, some blame the anti-fascists for acts of violence.

“I don’t believe what they’re doing is right:  burning buildings, beating people up. This isn’t right; it’s awful to see them act in violence instead of just discussing peacefully,” sophomore Alex Gomez said.

It’s important to be informed so you can form your own judgements.

“I have heard of Antifa, mostly in the news and when the President mentions their name. I understand the name of the organization and what it stands for, anti-fascism, but before you contacted me, I didn’t have a clear understanding of Antifa as an organization. After doing some research and reading a few articles I have a better understanding but the decentralized nature of Antifa makes it difficult to have a straight–forward opinion of the group,”  civics teacher Perry Doogan said.

And, the idea of keeping dictators in check is important.

“I very much support the central idea of Antifa – being opposed to fascism and groups with fascist ideas.  I like the idea of protesting to change society, to better reflect the needs and wants of the people, but I do not support the use of violence to achieve those goals,”  Mr. Doogan said.

But, there should be peaceful means of protest; violence is not the answer.

“I hope members of Antifa will continue to voice their opinions and protest to change what they feel is wrong with society. I just hope that all forms of protest, from all sides, remain non-violent,” Mr. Doogan said.