Opinions vary on how to spend Valentines day?


Many students and staff have a Valentine and many don’t.Even though Valentine’s day has always been celebrated for centuries, a lot of people think of Valentines day as a regular day. But the true origins as to how it started to many are unknown. Valentine’s day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.

“If i had a Valentine, i would take her to the mall, restaurant,  or just have a romantic date” Senior Alexander Raldini said.

“Go out to eat and bowling” Noemi  Jimenez said

A lot of students already got their Valentines day planned out with their  Valentines and others knew what they would’ve done if they did have one.

“On Valentine’s day im going to go work out” Alfonso

“Yes, books are  my Valentine’s. I go out to eat with my friends.” Librarian Mr. Glazik

This shows that other students just think of Valentine’s day a normal day.

“I feel like Valentine’s day should be every day. It shouldn’t be just for one day a year” Librarian Mr. Glazik  also said

Many students and  staff from Morton East High School have different views of Valentine’s  day.  Some love this day and  get excited about  it and others really dont care about this day and treat it like its just a normal day.