Venezuela needs a new president — oust Maduro

Juan Avila

Russia is now in Venezuela, should the U.S be worried about a potential attack? The current president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has been facing strong opposition as a new candidate for presidency Juan Guiado wants to claim his power to presidential status.  

I believe that President Nicolas Maduro should be removed from the presidency because he is causing a shortage of food and supplies in the once wealthy country who was doing well economically.  

Although there are many supporters on Nicolas Maduro’s side and argue that it’s not ethical to go against ones president for any reason. It’s ethical to take a stand when there is injustice and poverty all around People are forced to look for food in the garbage while the rich and wealthy continue to live without any troubles. Therefore, it’s not an issue based on politics, rather the cause for opposing Maduro is to do what’s right and stand up for those who don’t have a voice as we do.  

Venezuela was once one of the most stable and wealthiest democracies in South America. But with Nicolas Maduro as president caused the country to fall into a deep pit of poverty, violence, and distrust within the people and the government. Venezuela became wealthy because of its rich supply of oil. 95% of Venezuela’s (GDP) comes from its exports of oil. When the prices of oil began to drop in 2014 to less than half, Maduro continued to sell the oil even though it caused inflation I common goods for the people of Venezuela. This then adds to another reason for why Maduro is to blame for Venezuela’s current situation due to inflation and in turn higher levels of poverty and hunger. The national average for Venezuela states that 90% of the people live in extremely high poverty.  

In conclusion, it’s clear that although Venezuela’s current leader Nicolas Maduro has not solved these issues and rather ignores them. The U.S should try to help Venezuela get a different president such as Juan Guiado who is willing to receive help from foreign countries to get Venezuela back on track again.