Pro-lifers don’t deserve punishment and prison — even if you don’t agree with abortion

Jasmine Bonilla

Three women incarcerated in El Salvador, being accused of homicide for having miscarriages.  Alba Rodríguez and Maria del Tránsito Orellana both served nine years, while Cinthia Rodríguez spent more than 11 years in prison. 

Women should not be imprisoned for having abortions. Some people believe that terminating a pregnancy is unethical. However, everyone should have the right to dictate the actions that take place in their lives.

As of 2018, there were reportedly more than 400,000 children in the foster care system due to parents who did not wish to raise a child or had other obstacles that impeded them from keeping the child. Most of those children never reach adoption and are out on their own as soon as they turn 18.

The biggest argument is that people believe the lives of innocent babies are being taken away because people aren’t responsible enough to own up to the consequences of their actions. They are mistaken because there is a limit at which women can end their pregnancy. For example, there is a new law in Illinois that forbids doctors from performing the procedure if a fetal heartbeat is detected. Contraceptives are not always effective and therefore, accusing people of being irresponsible is invalid. 

A law forbidding abortions and punishing those that do it with jail time defeats the purpose of advocating for pro-life. This law would affect the community and take away a woman’s liberty, leaving them to make decisions that will make them unhappy. Incarcerating women for terminating a pregnancy is also taking away their rights.