Do We Need More Female Superheroes? 

Silvia Jimenez

There are only two strong female lead superhero films. Captain Marvel from Marvel and Wonder Woman from DC. Both films received high ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, there is in the making of another female superhero movie from Marvel Studios, Black Widow.  

 We do not need more female superheroes.  

Although, many people believe that we do need more female superheroes because they feel women should be equal to men. However, we do have a lot of female superheroes such as Scarlet Witch, Bat Girl, Rogue, Quake, Jean Grey, Gamora, Supergirl, Elektra, Storm, Catwoman and so on. The thing is that we just don’t have much of female superhero films.  

 On March 8, 2019, Captain Marvel was released. It is the first female lead superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it won’t be the last female superhero movie. The Black Widow movie is slowly coming together, as director Cate Shortland is bringing together her cast and crew.  

 The question shouldn’t be, “Do we need more female superheroes?” because we obviously do have already so many female superheroes. We simply don’t have female superhero films. In the past decade, so far, all superhero movies had a male lead. That changed when DC Entertainment released Wonder Woman on June 2, 2017. The Box Office it received was $821.8 million less than Captain Marvel which it had $1.044 billion. Although, much to say they both showed everybody that women can kick ass. It’s nice to see women on the screen be strong and fierce and empowered because it’s something we don’t see every day.  

 We have this idea ingrained in our minds that men are always the ones saving the day or the only ones that are stronger than women but that’s not true. Developing more films about female superheroes creates an impactful change in society and targets the audience of women and gives them all a message that we are strong and equal to men.  

Therefore, we don’t need more female superheroes. We already have plenty of those filled in Marvel, DC, and other comics. The film industry needs to start developing more female lead superhero films. We’ve accomplished getting Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and soon Black Widow. Let’s keep them coming.