All Kids Should Be Vaccinated 

Stephanie Ortega

The percentage of kids in the U.S who don’t get vaccinated has quadrupled since 2001. About 100,000 children who are now younger than 2 aren’t vaccinated against 14 potentially serious illnesses says Amanda Cohn, a pediatrician and CDC’s senior adviser for vaccines.  

I believe that parents not vaccinating their kids is an awful idea and is an irresponsible thing to do because they can be putting their kids’ lives in danger from serious illnesses.  

Vaccinating children can be a scary thing for many parents because we don’t really know what they contain and don’t know what they do to our bodies. However, if we know that they can help us and be able to prevent us from getting an illness that can take our lives then we should take advantage of the things that we have access to. I personally will vaccinate my future children because I would not want to put their lives in danger.  

As the years go by many more parents are refusing to vaccinate their children because of many reasons. Religion, fear, disbelief and personal reasons play major roles in why anti-vaxxers make their decisions. According to Amanda Cohn, “0.9 percent in 2011 and with 0.3 percent of 19-35 months-old who had not received any immunization when surveyed in 2001.” From 2001, to now, the number just keeps increasing.  

Many doctors are worried about kids being exposed to diseases like measles or polio. “Some diseases, like measles, have made a return in the United States because parents in some areas have failed or chosen not to vaccinate their children.” These parents’ choices are responsible for this troubling rise.  

My mom has always made sure that I get vaccinated. Many schools also require you to get vaccines and give them a record that you have. If you do not you can’t attend to school until you have proof of your vaccines. I personally think it’s a good idea that schools do this because it helps students avoid these diseases.   

People who are not vaccinated here in my community have a higher risk to get a disease like polio or measles. Not only do they put themselves at risk but also others around them. Parents should be thinking about their own lives and their children’s lives — and get vaccinated.