Trades are good option

College is not the right fit for everyone

Yvette Venegas, reporter

We all enjoy going to the mall occasionally. If it’s not to shop, it’s to eat and just socialize with family and friends. We all have that one favorite store where we are warmly welcomed by an employee who finalizes our purchase, assists us, and keeps the store in great shape. Maybe you also have a favorite place to eat at the food court. Your server might be agile, and the cook might cook amazing food.  

The mall is probably kept clean by a custodian. The mall itself was probably built by many labors and required the work of electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. All these jobs mentioned are significant to the way we live and don’t require a college degree. 

 Not everyone should go to college because there are many important jobs that don’t require a college degree and not everyone can or is competent enough to go to college.  

According to Georgetown University, only 36% of job openings require a college degree. This means that about 64% of job openings don’t require higher education. If hypothetically everyone were to go to college who would work the 64% of job openings that don’t require a college degree? All these job openings include construction workers, cleaning and maintenance, factory workers, receptionist, fast food employees, restaurant waiters, and bussers.  

These are just some examples of occupations that would be left open if we all to go to college. Yes, we’re all encouraged to go to college because it gives us more stable financial stability. However, attending college could do more harm than good to someone’s financial stability. If the cost to attend college is high the net benefit will be low. Some students are also not competent and don’t follow through with class work and paying off debt. This could evidently make the college experience into a nightmare. For some, a college could be difficult and cause a lot of stress and money loss.