Prom dresses: more than half will spend between $100 to $200


Some of the popular styles can cost well over $500.

Angie Figuereo, Lucia Gonzalez and Eric Alvarado

About half of senior girls at Morton East this year will be spending $100 to $200 on a prom dress.

In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 27 girls reported that they would buy a prom dress from 100-200 dollars. The other half would spend 300-400 dollars on a prom dress. In the United States a promenade dance, most commonly called prom, is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or gathering of High School students. This event is typically held near the end of senior year (the last year of high school). Proms figure greatly in popular culture and major events among High School students. High School attending the prom may call it “junior prom” while High School seniors call it “senior Prom” In practice, this event may be combined junior/senior dance. In fact, prom started early as the late 19th century.

“I think it’s important for girls to start looking for dresses because dresses are expensive, and girls are very picky and can change their mind over time,” senior Marisol Roman said.

Although in some boutiques you can design how you want your dress to look, some girls prefer not to.

“If you start looking for a prom dress now, you have time to decide how you want it, and you can choose a color.  I prefer buying the dress from the boutique; I know I wouldn’t be good designing my own dress,” senior Kimberly Dominguez said.

Some girls might have an idea of how they want their dress to look, but some don’t.  It’s always better to plan or shop for a dress way ahead of time.

“They would have time if they change their mind about the dress; they can go back and change it and if the dress is too big, you are going to have extra time to get it fit at the right size,” senior Leslie Antunez said.