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Morton East majority is fashionable

Itzel Munoz and Lizeth Martinez

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In a recent survey of 100 Morton East students, 82% said that they follow the latest fashion trends.

According to TeenInk.com, when people associate themselves with a particular brand or branded image, they immediately assume a new identity that is in some sense, confined to the societal points of that brand. Furthermore, the majority of teens in high school have a fear of getting bullied or excluded. They use fashion to hide their fear and to feel more confident on who they are, or who they are trying to be. Also, stated in an SMU study, as a result of this need for peer acceptance, teenagers are receptive to characteristics such as character, personality, etc. Since a lot of teens try to find their identity through high school and fashion, it can ultimately change not only their personality, but their character towards other people and family.

Senior Jackie Vazquez thinks of herself as a fashionista.

“I like to follow the most recent trends that come out. If I don’t have the most recent make up or shoes I feel weird. it makes me look good and it really brings up my self confidence” Vazquez said.

Junior Maria Rodriguez doesn’t agree.

” I like to have my own style and think its cringy when people try so hard to follow the trends. I honestly think it’s pathetic how they value the type of brands their friends wear instead of personality” Rodriguez said.

Sophomore Sophie Rivera doesn’t care much for fashion.

Honestly, I don’t know why people care much for fashion. It’s all a facade to hide themselves in. I honestly think it’s not important to pay much attention to such materialistic things like fashion and pay attention to more important things” Rivera said.



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Morton East majority is fashionable