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Dr. Morty, Advice columnist

Dear Morty,

Lately, I haven’t had any motivation to do anything. I go to school, do my work, then get home and sleep. I have good grades, and I don’t have any problems with my teachers.  I’m just always bored lately during the week. I guess that’s normal, right?  I know I should just focus on school right now, but in my spare time, I feel like I’m wasting my life away. I need advice or any ideas that’ll keep me busy during my spare time; I’m not really into huge groups, and I have my own circle of friend I trust.

Wasting my life


Dear Wasting,

 You say you have friends that you like to be around.  Have you thought about joining a club after school here at East? While you’re at it, you can ask your circle of friends to join with you. I know you don’t like approaching people, so a club is a great idea.  That way people with the same interests can find you.



Dear Morty ,

My oldest brother started to date his current girlfriend about a year ago. They are expecting a baby, and I’m happy for them.  Problem is, I don’t like the girlfriend.  I actually still keep in contact with my bother’s ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend also has a child, but will not admit it’s my brother’s baby. I don’t know if I should drift apart from the ex-girlfriend and try to get along with his girlfriend. Thing is, I can’t build a sister-in-law relationship with his new girlfriend because she barely speaks to me. I don’t know if I should be a part of his baby’s life or move on and do my own thing, as cold-hearted as it may sound.

Cold-hearted sister


Dear Cold-hearted,

I think you shouldn’t stop talking to your brother’s ex-girlfriend. If his current girlfriend doesn’t try to make contact with you, why should you try to talk to her ? I mean, if you already have a friendship with your brother’s ex-girlfriend you shouldn’t have to stop talking to her for that reason.

If anything, just try to talk to his current girl and if she doesn’t show she has interest in having a conversation with you, stop trying.  Of course, congrats to your brother.



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