Morton East finalists compete at History Fair


Morton’s top historians attended the regional competition of National Hstiory Fair at UIC recently.

Fernando Mendoza

26 Morton East students literally made history at this year’s Chicago Metro History Fair at UIC on March 11.

They all qualified and attended the regional round of National History Fair competition.  The UIC event was attended by student finalists from local schools in the Chicago region.  These Morton students were the top scorers in our school competition (held on February 15).  Their entries included exhibits, websites and performances.  Students are judged at the UIC regional competition and the top scorers there go onto the Illinois State History Fair competition in Springfield on April 22.

The student finalists from Morton East included the following:

  • Mia Mendoza
  • Evelyn Leanos
  • Lizbeth Martinez
  • Paulina Alvarez
  • Jessica Zarco Flores
  • Mictzy Perez
  • Allison Villegas Mendez
  • Jazmin Castenada
  • Aaliyah Heredia
  • Brithany Lopez
  • Orlando Montoya
  • Jazmin Zarate Merino
  • Yamizel Llamas
  • Natalee Lucio
  • Anthony Ortiz
  • Wendy Arroyo
  • Andrea Aguilar
  • Brina Gonzalez
  • Johanna Miranda
  • Fernando Godinez
  • Jaretzy Guatemala
  • Kate Partida
  • Alexandra Pantoja
  • Brisa Valadez
  • Manuel Guardado
  • Diary Marquez