The SATs are back

Monzerrath Garay, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again, where the SATs have come to haunt juniors once again; this time on April 12, only a couple days after our return from spring break.

In a survey given to just seniors who took the SATs last year, 82% of them said they did not feel well prepared for the tests. Most seniors were dissatisfied with their SAT scores and wished they knew how to better prepare beforehand before taking the tests. The SATs are very important; they’re supposed to show how ready you really are for college. So it is important not to take it as a joke and instead prepare well in advance by studying the material, taking practice tests, and seeking guidance from teachers or tutors if necessary. It is important to remember that if you take it as a joke, you could decrease your chances of getting scholarships and getting into the college of your choice. Additionally, it is important to manage your time effectively during the exam and read all instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes. By taking the test seriously and putting in the effort, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your academic goals.

Seniors from last year wish they would have asked for help before the big day.

“Looking back I really regret not asking my teachers for extra help before taking the SAT I remember looking through the booklets and being completely lost and unprepared,” said Christian Vega.

Another senior says they wish they had studied the materials beforehand with time.

“One thing I wish I wouldn’t have done was to wait and study everything days before the tests but instead weeks in advanced so I had a better chance of understanding the subjects and asking for help on what I didn’t know,” said Senior Manuel Leanos.

Studying in advance and keeping a clear mind can lead to great results.

“While studying for the SAT I never felt like I wasn’t ready enough for the actual test. It was always my mindset that I wasn’t going to do so well. When it came to the day of the test I just had to take deep breaths and I went in with confidence and felt great. During this test I thought I was doing well for my pace and I once I finished I felt great. When we got our score I did pretty well and got into the college I wanted to get into,” said Senior Jacob Guzman.

Last year’s 2022 SAT report For Morton East:

  • English/Language Arts = 426.1
    Mathematics = 415.7

Entire State of Illinois Report for 2022:

  • English/Language Arts = 486.4
    Mathematics = 473.8

Looking at both reports together Morton East didn’t do so bad compared to the whole state of Illinois. However, there is of course still lots of room for improvement. So listen up:  juniors and sophomores who are lost and don’t know how to prepare for the tests. Here are some resources that were recommended by Dr. Michael Parrie (Morton East Assistant Principal of operations) that can help you get a better idea of what the SATs are going to be like and help you feel more prepared to concur the upcoming SAT.

Khan Academy Flyer:


SAT Flyer:


**REMEMBER** sophomores and Juniors! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your teachers and counselors will be more than happy to help you better prepare for the big SAT day.