Freshman Center GPA slightly higher than Morton East GPA

Francisco Salazar

Freshmen have an average of a 2.7 unweighted GPA; Morton East has a cumulative campus GPA of 2.6.

At one point or another students would have gone through there freshman year at high school. Some students may have slacked off through there years of high school. There is some research to suggest that freshmen may be more academically focused than upperclassmen in high school, at least in the first few months of the school year. For example, a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that freshmen in high school tended to have higher levels of academic motivation and engagement than sophomores and juniors, particularly during the first semester of the school year.

When today’s seniors were in freshman center, we did not know about what was to happen to us in March 13 2020.

“I was all for it at first, I thought it was going to be a 2 week vacation, however that 2 week vacation became 3 then 4 then a month then 2 in till 2 years later we showed up as juniors,” freshman Bryan Gonzales said.

Clearly, within those 4 years teachers have noticed that many things have changed as well.

“Times have changed computers have been a huge art of these kids life. If they don’t have them there pretty much screwed,” Mr. Roberto Hernandez, a teacher at the freshman center, said.

It might be a surprise to all but this new upcoming freshman seem more well behave then some of the other classes.

“La razon que somos haci es que somos inocentes yo creo yo no se,” freshman Esteban Salazar said.

Many of us recall the jarring experience coming to the freshman center on the first day however students at the freshman center felt eager on there first day.

“When I got to the freshman center i was so excited because I feel that most of us hated unity. Their school does not compare to the school here at the freshman center,” feshman Maria Mendez said.

As a personal note I want to say that  Overall, it’s safe to say that freshman may feel more pressure to perform academically as they adjust to the demands of high school coursework, while upperclassmen may have already established their academic habits and may be more focused on extracurricular activities or preparing for college.