739 seniors are on track to graduate

 There are a total of 739 seniors on track to graduate,  and a total of 256 seniors off track of graduating on time, according to data from assistant principal Dr. Parrie. 

Now that the school year is coming to an end, not every current senior is going to graduate. So, we interviewed some people, and this is what they had to say. 

“(The graduation rate) can always be higher; this is my first year here, so I don’t know really the norm, but a lot of students make themselves have to do stuff last minute,” counselor Mr. Hagen said.

Some were just disappointed in how the numbers came out and how the seniors not graduating could be such a high number.  

“I feel it is unfortunate because I feel there was so many opportunities for kids to gain their credits by recovery lab, night school, and summer school since its free,” counselor Ms. Melendez said.

Some didn’t care so much for the students not graduating right now; they more so thought about the future.

“These kids just need to understand that having a high school diploma just isn’t good enough they need more and the way they are doing it right now it sure doesn’t seem like many people understand how valuable a college degree is for many jobs,” civics teacher Mr. Doogan said.

Some teachers really had strong opinions on this matter and they showed it with the quotes they gave out to the people.  

“I think it’s stupid like what are you guys even doing with the spare time you have if it’s not working and making sure you graduate like even night school was free and yet you guys didn’t take advantage of it which makes no sense to me at all,” math teacher Ms. Anthonson said. 

Some people have very strong opinions about the way seniors are taking their chances and how some aren’t even trying to show effort.   

“I don’t get how the people can just be so dumb like you have all this time and resources to graduate I don’t get why not spend some time in here making your great better,” auto mechanics teacher  Mr. Yunker said.

 Seniors, it’s not too late; if you’re not on track, talk to your counselor to see if there are credit recovery programs you can take advantage of on campus.