Recording a fight could get you suspended


Photos of fights like this one are often captured on students’ phones.

Fernando Gutierrez and Jason Ortega

5 fights in one day.

Every 10 out of 50 people have recorded a right 

Have you ever wondered how many fights happen a year?

On average, there’s two flights per week. 

In Illinois, the law makes it a felony to intercept, record or transcribe any private telephone or electronic communication unless all parties give their consent. Meaning if you record a fight at school and you don’t have consent from the people fighting, it’s illegal.

We asked Mr. Gamboa on his thoughts on what students are recording. 

What are your thoughts on people recording school fights and what would be the consequences if you get caught recording a fight?

“At Morton West, with just having your phone out during a fight it’s an instant suspension, but here it’s not that serious. However, if we have a cause to look through your phone we have the right,” Principal Gamboa said. 

What should teachers do if a fight occurs?

“Teachers should press the emergency button that’s in each class to help stabilize the fight.” Principal Gamboa said.

We went around asking students for their thoughts on the fights.

“I record fights because I like being nosy,” Morton East Student Emely L. said.

“One of the craziest fights I’ve seen in school was the one in the lunchroom where this girl came out of nowhere and ripped another girls hair out,” Morton East student Brisa G. said.

The staff who deal with fights think differently.

“I don’t personally like fights.  I wish there was a way for them to work it out (without fighting,” security guard Luis said.