Hey teacher, GET OFF YOUR PHONE!

Why are teachers always on their phones?

Due to security measures, teachers are forced to always have their phone on them to access all the school programs. This has caused teachers to stop the lessons mid-way just to access something. But how do the teachers feel about it? This two-step verification is in the way or normal speed teaching. This whole thing started because of the school’s former I.T director Mr. Niedermeyer. Due to cyberattacks he repeatedly asked the teachers time to time to make sure they were clicking and not clicking things, changing passwords, and more. They then decided to take the security up a notch and use multi-factor authentication.  

 “I think it’s unnecessary I want to know has anyone’s email been hacked,” said Mr. Armstrong a teacher at Morton East. 

All the teachers must deal with this security measure and while most teachers are against this, they do understand why it’s in place. 

“I’m against it,” Mr. Armstrong a teacher at Morton East adds.

Most teachers do not like this security measure because it can interrupt classes or just be plain annoying to deal with. 

“I’m neutral I can see why it’s useful,” Mr. Lorena Hinojosa a teacher at Morton East adds.