Seniors brunch on boat in beauty

The Morton East senior brunch is just around the corner.

Seniors celebrate their final year here at Morton East High School with activities outside school, including the Senior brunch along with Prom and Six Flags. The event will be hosted Tuesday, May 24th, at the Odyssey Cruise Line, 401 E. Illinois St. 3110 Chicago, IL. With a limit of 500 people, it will include transportation, food, and a DJ to start dancing. Ticket prices start at $60 but the price will increase to $75 between the dates of May 2nd to May 16th. Tickets began to sell on Wednesday April 6th and are still being sold as of today. The boat company provides the DJ and has a dress code for dressing formally and no jeans are allowed. Students need to arrive before 9:30 since buses would start leaving so we could start boarding the boat at 10:30. The brunch would be over at 1 but students should be getting home from 1:30 to 2 in the afternoon depending on how traffic would be around that time. In a random survey of 100 Morton east students, 78 have said that they would be attending the senior brunch while 22 have said that they are not.  

As of the appeal process, students must see Ms. Mari or Ms. Rosalva in 312 to schedule an appeal with an assistant principal. The appeal process is different for everyone based on what they are missing and able to find a way to improve students’ academic grades. 

Not only are seniors excited for this event, but also the people in charge.  

“Hopefully, we will have better weather this year. I am excited for students to attend the brunch because it is going to be fun and it’s a great way to end the year,” said Ms.Radzki, an assistant principal of Morton East and in charge of the senior events.  

She is not the only one worried about the weather this year, other people are, especially the ones who got to experience the brunch before.  

“I can speak to having senior breakfast when it’s absolutely the crappiest weather. Back in 2018, it was pouring down rain — like cats and dogs rain, the kind that in seconds you are drenched. And, it pretty much rained the entire time. But, the students — all dressed up and crowding under umbrellas — made the best of it. It was certainly a sunny time inside the boat on the dance floor,” senior teacher Kent Frankfother said. 

As many of us wish for the weather to be on our side that day, students are starting to decide if they are going to go or not.  

“I was forced to get the form to the event by my girlfriend. I did not want to attend the brunch because it just does not seem fun to me,” an anonymous Morton East student said.  

Partners are not the only ones forcing their significant others to go, some friends are on the same path too but other students have different plans for that day.  

“I don’t think I’ll be attending the senior brunch this year; I don’t enjoy boat rides the most. I’m thinking of going to eat out with a few friends instead and dress nicely, this way we can have our own version of the brunch and save a few dollars too.” an anonymous Morton East senior said. 

Students are starting to come out with great alternative ideas when it comes to not attending the brunch, but many others are looking forward the event.  

“Yes I will be attending the senior brunch. I feel like as a senior it’s those times that will make our last year of high school more fun and memorable. I’m looking forward to the boat, I have been on the odyssey cruise before and it’s definitely something I wouldn’t miss. Along with the food of course.” Kassandra Duran, a Morton East senior said. 

Remember that it is not an obligatory event to attend but as seniors that would be a wonderful way to end the year with your friends and experience the feeling of going onto new paths in life.