Many plan for late graduation since pandemic

Around 25 percent of students tend to fail to graduate on time. 

Two years ago, in 2019, all seniors passed their classes for the 2020-2021 school year because of the pandemic.  This was a ruling from the school and from the Illinois State Board of Education.  Even if they had decided to stop attending online classes, and did not complete work,  seniors received credit.   The only ones that did not graduate were the ones that didn’t have enough credits from previous years.  

Last year, many seniors were kept from graduating on time because they stopped attending online classes during remote.  Maybe they thought that the school would make the same decision to pass them — which it didn’t.  

This year, school went back to as normal as possible.  Unfortunatley, quite a few students established bad school and study habits during remote, and lost credits.

To make matters worse, once high school students turn into juniors, they tend to make their priority work and slowly stop attending classes or decide to skip class.  

“Well students shouldn’t be surprised when they need to take summer school because most of them are going in to get credit recovery and it is free this year,” Mr. Phil Depa, deans of students, said. 

It should be noted that Mr. Depa is clear that these students have an opportunity for receiving free summer school. These students should take advantage of this.  

“It has gone down because of night school but not a lot so this year only 10% to 15% should be signed up for summer school.” Mr. Depa, the deans of students, said. 

Furthermore, the percentage of students has gone down by only 10 to 15%.  

On the other hand, according to one of the principal’s secretaries Miriam Gonzalez, an estimated 986 seniors are on target to graduate; 82 are not.  

Here it should be the percentage but will be changing on May 2nd, here the percentages of everything will either go low or will be higher. 

Along with Mr.Gamboa, the secretary, announced “the small graduation ceremony will be held at FC or east campus. The date that the ceremony will take place will be July 4, 2022. Diplomas will be handed out at graduation unless students have a balance due on their fees,” principal secretary Sharron Helma said. 

Seniors will be at risk if they will be graduating in time or late, depending on their attendance or schoolwork. Will you be graduating on time?