Senior Ditch Day Coming Soon

Senior Ditch Day is a go!!

In a random survey of 20 Morton East senior students regarding “Will you participate in senior ditch day?”  98% of senior will participate and 2% of senior will not participate. 

Senior ditch day is a tradition in American schools where students in the senior class skip school that day. It is commonly held the Monday following Senior Prom or another large event. Often, students will gather at an alternate location during that day and have fun with friends. 

“I think senior ditch day can be fun, but it’s weird that it has become a scheduled day. It used to be a prank where the seniors would plan it without the schools knowing,” parenting teacher Mrs. Kennedy said. 

“As a senior teacher I enjoy senior ditch day because it is a low attendance day for me,” English teacher Mr. Frankforter said. 

These are student thoughts if senior ditch day is a good thing to do. 

“I won’t ditch that day, but I don’t think it’s something bad I mean half of us are adult and we should know what to do and what not to do,” senior Juliana Hernandez said. 

Other seniors disagree. 

 “I believe it’s neither a good nor bad thing. It’s only one day towards the end of the school year. It doesn’t necessarily affect us as seniors,” senior student Victoria Ferrer said. 

Another senior also agrees. 

“I think it’s a good thing because it’s a day seniors can get to themselves and go out and hang out with no other grade students involved,” senior student Citlalli Carrera said. 

Another teacher also see eye to eye. 

“I think participating in a connection making event for seniors is a great idea. Making memories and bonding, but I don’t know that it has to be missing school,” Parenting teacher Mrs. Kennedy said. 

Another teacher agree with this statement. 

 “I do encourage kids to participate but I would like them to reflect on their absence,” English teacher Mr. Frankfother declared. 

Some kids under no circumstances will not ditch that day if there is something important. 

“I wouldn’t ditch if I had something important that day because even though it might seem fun it wouldn’t be as worth it to miss something big,” senior student Citlalli Carrera said. 

While other students want to make memories 

“If I had something important, I would still ditch because a year from now I won’t remember any assignments, but I will be able to remember when I had our senior ditch day with friends. It is our last year of being a high school student. After we graduate, we are on our own,” anonymous Morton West senior said. 

 Some teachers understand senior ditch day and won’t give out a task or anything that day. 

“Since the schools know about it, I think kids shouldn’t miss too much work,” Parenting teacher Mrs. Kennedy said. 

It’s up to the teacher to determine what they want to assign on that day. 

“Students in my class that ditch in senior ditch day won’t miss anything important because I think it is a senior’s right to ditch that day,” English teacher Mr. Frankfother said.