Civics class hybrid introduced; will there be more?


Hannia Sotelo

Civics is one class that is now being run as a hybrid of remote.

According to the article, “Get the facts about online education,” (, you could earn higher grades because you can learn at your own pace during online classes. Having to catch up and try to understand everything in class is harder for some student than it is for others. It will also be better for students to concentrate better on their work at home when it might be quieter instead of in school where there are many kids that can distract them.

In a random survey of 117 students and teachers there were 63 that chose to have hybrid learning (some classes in-person and some virtual).

Going to school for only major assignments like for example, a quiz or a test so that class time is meaningful, would be better for kids. The rest of the homework assignments they can do at home.

“And once you’re here its meaningful lessons, like either, you’re getting a quiz or you’re doing a debate, like we’re not seeing each other and just sitting listening to music and doing independent work,” said Ms. Lopez, a civics teacher.

Having to go to school and knowing you’re not going to sit in your class quietly doing independent work, I personally think, will motivate kids to want to do better on their tests and quizzes so they make the most of the time their at school.

“You can do that stuff (independent work) on your own, especially if you can handle it. So I would like to teach the class because it would be a different setting and it would be really nice to see that type of environment,” said Ms. Lopez.

However, there are also some people that think otherwise and say that some kids do not work better online.

“I just don’t think it’s good for everyone, like I think everybody is just a different fit, some people need to be here every single day and some people don’t,” said Ms. Ortiz.

An upside of hybrid learning is getting kids ready for college. Of course, some colleges are different but most of them have some online classes.

“So I think it gives them an introduction or like a preview of what they’re going to see in college,” said a Spanish teacher Ms. Mendoza.

Here is another example that supports that claim.

“It’s kind of almost like a college class almost. Because you are only there a couple days a week and the homework is outside,” said Ms. Lopez.