Morton East students say only security should stop a fight


Alondra Diosdado

Security Carlos Murillo separates two Pony Express News reporters (Enrique Ramirez and Andres Perez) before it gets physical.

Morton East students say only security should stop a fight — and not have teachers get involved. 

According to NCES from Physical Fights on School Property and Anywhere, in 2019, for example, 28 percent of male students, compared with 15 percent of female students, reported having been in a physical fight anywhere; 11 percent of male students, compared with 4 percent of female students, reported having been in a physical fight on school property.

We took things to another level and decided to get some accurate information of students and staff opinions, of how they feel when they encounter a fight that must be stopped. We asked in our survey “Should school staff –other than security-stop a fight?” The results we got out of 100 students, 61 of those strongly agreed that security should be the only ones involved with stopping a fight and teachers and other staff should not interfere. While on the other hand 39 other students disagree and think that anyone should stop a fight if they can, and security should have more support from other staff members. We also interviewed some students and staff, and this is what they had to say…   

“I personally think that staff shouldn’t get involved to stop a fight because it isn’t safe for them. They could get hurt and they don’t get paid enough for that; it’s risking their safety as teachers and they were hired to teach not to secure safety towards people that desire to hurt each other,” senior Amador Pérez said.  

Amador explains why a lot of chaos happens, but are there reasons for that chaos? 

“The students fight over dumb stuff, usually over social media comment or post. We haven’t broken down the data, but most fights are girls,” principal Jose Gamboa said. 

After all these incidents happen, the aftermath of the fight is they get punished for it or they get a minor write up. 

“Regardless of anything, if a student fights that will result in suspension, but if an adult gets hurt, we recommend an expulsion,” principal Jose Gamboa said. 

In addition, principal Jose Gamboa agrees with the idea that if a student gets in a fight, they could be expelled. 

“We feel as if it is the security’s job, but there’s no other option, how are they just going to watch?” an anonymous Morton East student said. 

Having to be a Morton East teacher and having to stop fights altercations between students could be risky.

“(Teachers) aren’t trained for that and can get hurt,” an anonymous Morton East student said.