East wants daylight savings time

East wants daylight savings time

Alejandro Muratalla, Reporter

Morton East prefers to keep daylight savings time. 

According to the “10 fascinating Facts About daylight saving time” from the MentalFloss.com, oddly, the official credit for producing daylight savings time (DST) goes to a bug collector. George Hudson, an entomologist, proposed to use DST so he can have more time to go bug hunting at night.  Over time during WW1, they pushed it to become law. Traditionally, daylight savings time grew in popularity during the energy crisis. Currently, daylight savings time starts at 2 am because most people are sleeping, and most businesses are closed. Interestingly study’s show daylight savings time is bad for health. It increases your risk of a stroke, heart attack, and seasonal depression. In a random survey of 100 students at Morton East, 45 said they want to get rid of daylight savings time and 55 said they want to keep it. So, the majority want to keep it.  

“I think during daylight savings we may be suffering from the impacts of sleep loss, inability to focus and we tend to take risks due to the inability to perceive consequences some people aren’t able to adjust to time change resulting in health issues. We should get rid of it,” senior Heidimar Basurto-Garcia said.   

Oddly, others think it is more beneficial.  

“I think we should keep it because it helps us regain energy for the next year. Usually for me I just fall asleep much earlier than usual,” senior Allan Garcia said.  

Others really like the idea and would not get rid of it at all. 

“I’m old-fashioned, so I think I would miss daylight savings time if we got rid of it. I look forward to “falling back” every year and getting that extra hour of sleep. Likewise, I might miss the heavy sigh of “spring forward” and an hour lost,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.  

Interestingly others have had different experiences with DST.  

“I like it because DTS is a change of pace. One experience I had with it was when I was out, and it was 1 a.m. about to be 2 a.m. and it went back to 1 a.m.,” English teacher Ms. Mazure said.  

Recently most people would like to keep it.  

“I think we should keep it because I like how we get an extra hour of sleep, and it makes me feel more energized in the morning.” English teacher Mr. Rojas said.