Michau’s door wins homecoming door decor contest — again

This September, here at Morton East there were four top winners for the homecoming door decorating contest. 

 Our first winner being Ms.Michau, for second place we had a tie between Ms. Samata and Ms. Faridi, and for third place we had Ms. Belmares. For the 2021 fall door decorating contest, 32 teachers were known to take part in this year’s contest. Every year, teachers take part in our Morton east door decorating contest. These seasonal contests take place every year as long as teachers and students keep participating and collaborating with the school. In a random survey of 100 of the Morton East students 21 of them students reported that they helped out their teachers in the door decorating contest. 

“It’s something fun to do with friends, and it helps a teacher out,”  Jenny Villagomez said. 

Teachers agree.

“(Decorating the door) makes students happy.  They get to show their creative side.  And, they get to help out their teachers,” Ms. Couch, a history teacher, said.  

Many students put in extra time to get the decorating done before the deadine passed.

“I was happy to see students taking charge this year before and after school to get the decorating done.  In previous years, I’ve seen teachers working on the doors by themselves to complete what students started, but not this year,” journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

And, what might this year’s winner do differently next year? 

“It might be nice to give others an opportunity to win,” (wink*) Graphic arts and this year’s winning teacher Ms. Michau said.

It can be difficult for teachers to find students dedicated to the task. 

“I’ve done the door contest several times, never won,” said Mr Hornilla   “I will only participate next year depending on the class I get for help,”  he added.

Many teachers like Mr. Hornilla did not participate because of lack of students’ helping.  Next door in room 272, Ms. Kennedy shared her opinions as well. 

“I didn’t participate because I didn’t sponsor a club this year and didn’t have kids for help,” Ms. Kennedy, a social studies teacher, said.