Most at home still, but more students are coming in to school

Velia Flores

Students at Morton East are either online or in person .

Students at  Morton East have been split up.  75% of students are doing online, and 25% are coming to school in person now.

According to our school website, ‘’Morton 201 schools (began) full in-person learning on Wednesday, April 14.  Each student attending classes in person (received) two face cloth coverings provided by the Illinois emergency management agency first the limit of occupants in any space no longer 50. Capacity limits are now determined by the ability to maintain six feet away.”

“I think why some students are doing online is because it’s not fully safe for some of us with asthma.  Also, some just choose to be online because they don’t want to put older parents and grandparents at risk. I think that’s a good reason to stay home,” senior Velia Flores said.

However, others understand that they learn better in an actual classroom.

‘’(I went back) because I want to be better in class and perform way better in class than at home,” Morton East senior Ivan Olivares said.

Some students at Morton East think doing your homework and school at home is easier, quieter and less distracting because other students aren’t there to disrupt the learning.

‘’I’m doing it online right now because I get to do my work more.  It’s easier at home,”  Morton East Student Elizabeth Gutierrez said.

Students also have been quarantining and stuck in the house for months, so they haven’t had much fun.  For some, it’s time to get out.

‘’I’m doing in person since I need to get out of my house and not stay home all day,” Morton East Student Victor Quezada said.