Students ponder summer agendas as life slowly returns to normal


My friends & I chilling worry free of Covid-19 before it was a thing

Javon Parker, Reporter

Morton East students are excited to get out this Summer and experience life again as vaccination rollouts make things a lot safer!  

Summer is around the corner and school is coming to an end this month. Seniors prepare for their last weeks here at Morton and the upcoming Six Flags trip all while celebrating their decisions upon their selected colleges! It has been an intense final few weeks for students at Morton East especially as many students find ways to pick up their grades last minute but throughout all of the end of the year madness there is a lot to look forward to! Ina random survey of 50 Morton East students, 87% have said they plan to get vaccinated and spend their Summer hanging out with friends more often and doing activities that before were unavailable with Covid-19. According to, all 50 States have now expanded vaccine eligibility to all ages 16 and up. The vaccines that are being distributed amongst the population at this time are the Pfizer, Moderna, and the Johnson and Johnson vaccines. Currently, 31.8% of Americans have been fully vaccinated! As vaccination numbers rise, more businesses and events are beginning to return. One major change and surprise to many is that concerts are starting to return as well with one of Chicago’s biggest music festivals The Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash making a return this August after a full year on hold! There seems to be much unfolding in the coming months and many plans being made as we slowly reach herd immunity. Here is what some of our students think about the country’s current progress and what they have to say about their summer agendas! 

 ‘’I can’t wait to get back to doing things again without as much worry of catching any sickness as I am now fully vaccinated and plan to do as many activities outside with the people I surround myself with as it has been so long since I’ve been able to do such things in a long time,’’ senior Edwin Palma said. 

 Luckily, many students here at Morton East plan on getting vaccinated as soon as possible and getting back outside to do the things they enjoy while staying as safe as possible! 

 ’Taking precaution is still important, but now as I am fully vaccinated, I plan on going out a little more often especially since I have less to worry about and many of my friends are also vaccinated,’’ senior Max Seay said. 

 The city expects to see many large gatherings over the summer and plans on hosting many events in celebration of low cases and higher vaccination rates! It is still advised to be cautious and continue wearing masks and social distancing! 

 ‘’It is exciting to be graduating this year as things begin to look up for the city and us seniors can participate in more activities. I am really excited to see what the future holds and to see all my fellow seniors tackle this new chapter of their life,’’ senior Luz Cano said. 

 For most seniors it is looking to be a happy ending after all as we are no longer on lockdown and students will be able to properly celebrate with friends and family in light of the progress that has been made in the previous months! Hopefully, we continue to make progress and do apart and eventually reach herd immunity throughout the country so that we continue to grow and do our part in staying safe!