Ms. Cunningham retires from Morton East and junior core


Ivan Olivares

Congratulations on your retirement!

Ivan Olivares, Reporter

Audry Cunningham is retiring after 24 years of teaching.

Audry Cunningham has been working as an English teacher at Morton East high school for 24 years, since 1997. Ms. Cunningham teaches English core to the junior classes. She also taught at another High school and was in charge of the school newspaper as well as the yearbook. During her junior year of high school, she was inspired to become a teacher herself. More specifically a junior English teacher, who also shows all of her students the notes that she took her junior year. She also goes on how she wants to inspire her students like she was inspired herself during that year of her life.

1.) How was your experience being a teacher at Morton East?

“It was very rewarding and trying, I’ve seen so many changes in the district and it feels like a renovation,” English teacher Audry Cunningham said.

2.) Will you miss teaching Junior core English?

“Yes. I like literature and classic short stories. It kinda shows that we all have something in common as people. I know that my classes read a lot more classic short stories than the other English class taught by others. We read about 24 short stories others read about 6, so I will miss reading them as a class,” English teacher Audry Cunningham said.

3.) How difficult was it to teach Junior core English?

“It’s not difficult for me to teach the material, what is difficult is to motivate students to revise their work and put their best effort into their writing,” English teacher Audry Cunningham said.

4.) Are there any specific things about the school that you will remember?

” I will miss interacting with my coworkers not just my English coworkers, but also with teachers from different subjects and well administration. Not the long drive though,” English teacher Audry Cunningham said.

5.)How do you feel about your retirement?

“Bittersweet! Definitely Sad, but I feel like it’s time,: English teacher Audry Cunningham said.

Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you, Ms. Cunningham, for being a great teacher and always helping students improve their writing; you definitely helped me out. Morton East will not be the same without you;  we will definitely miss you!