Farewell, Ms. Anderson

Farewell, Ms. Anderson

Maria Gutierrez, Reporter

This year Mary Anderson is retiring from Morton East. Ms. Anderson has been teaching for 30 years. During that time, she taught at Kankakee Junior H.S., Fox College, Hillcrest H.S., Proviso West H.S., Morton East H.S., and trained teachers from CPS at the Teacher’s Academy of Math and Science. She also sponsored the Otaku Club.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment teaching?

A: My most memorable moment was coming into my classroom to see students at work before class had even begun. They were going over homework in small groups. I was impressed as I listened to them explain how they got answers as they critiqued each other using logic and reasoning to support their work. It is at that moment when students take ownership of the material, you know it was a great lesson and they are really learning.

Q: How has your experience been teaching during a pandemic?

A: Teaching during this pandemic was very hard. I think I was in tears the first week trying to figure out all the technology I was going to need to get through the year. I felt like a first-year teacher again. I have been learning new techniques and trying new technology all year to meet the needs of my students.

Q: What have you missed the most about a regular class during the pandemic?

A: I have missed getting to know my students as well as in the past. I hardly know any of their faces or recognize their voices this year since they usually attend with cameras and mics off.

Q: What will you miss the most about teaching

A: I will miss my colleagues and all of the great discussions and collaboration over the years. I will also miss seeing students grow from the day they enter Morton until Graduation Day. It is a remarkable transformation that occurs during those years.

Q: What are your retirement plans?

A: I am looking forward to my next adventure. I hope to travel extensively across the U.S. to State and National Parks and visit old friends and relatives. Once travel restrictions are loosened I would love to travel abroad. My niece is expecting early next year so I may be traveling to the UK to see my first grandniece or grandnephew.

 Congratulations on your retirement. Morton East will miss you!