Public view about Covid-19 vaccine


VACCINES TO THE RESCUE! — Morton East High School is attempting to overcome the pandemic in order to return to normality by allowing their premises to be a covid-19 vaccination site. The community and students age 16 and up are eligible to make an appointment and receive the vaccine. Since CDC verified the three covid vaccines, essential workers and elderly people were prioritized to be vaccinated first because of the high risk, but now the rest of civilians are capable of receiving the shot.

Lizbeth Acosta Barragan, reporter

Despite the fact that since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly seven million people have been infected and 200,000 people have died as a result of the coronavirus.  There are still countless Americans that continue to not wear masks because they feel it is a hoax. However, there is a majority of Americans that are taking precautions and following the CDC guidelines especially taking the Covid-19 vaccine in order to return towards normality and prevent further exposure.

Vaccination is an effective tool to avoid being exposed to different types of infectious diseases. The chief medical advisor to the president, Dr.Fauci, and other well-being specialists affirmed that receiving the covid vaccination will trigger immunity against a disease for instance Covid-19.

Not long ago, President Joe Biden announced in his prime-time address that he intends to make the coronavirus vaccine accessible to all Americans by May 1. According to the CDC, more than 107 million people, or 21% of the country’s population, have received at least one vaccine dose, and 38 million, or 11.5% have been fully vaccinated.

“You know what, I think that they’ve provided more than enough help for the community. I’m hoping that it helps those people, but hopefully, the government thinks about the long term,” asserted PE Teacher from Morton East High School Miguel Romero.

Among those who have not yet been vaccinated, approximately 57% say they would get vaccinated if they heard the vaccine was extremely successful in preventing Covid-19. Similarly, 54 percent say they would get vaccinated if the vaccine proposed the fastest way to return to normal.

In view of the fact that the pandemic has altered everyone’s lifestyle, especially students that are continuing their education either attending virtually or in-person following the CDC norms. For instance, 17-year-old junior student from Morton East High School Jocelyn Arroyo assured that “Since the beginning, it has changed every aspect of her life completely academically, physically and socially. It has been a challenge to continue school remotely, but it is the way to be safe.” As well Jocelyn added that “if the covid vaccine becomes available to teenagers” then she is willing to accept the vaccine for the reason that she misses things back to normal and being able to go outside regularly.

At the same time, Mr. Romero acknowledged the following regarding the challenge that has been for his for-teaching PE course, “I enjoy what I do but I’m guessing about what I do next to encourage my students. I kind of feel helpless right now that I can’t do that for my students. That they are at home and I’m sitting in a room and PE is not one of those things where you see I mean how am I going to supposed to do with my students and it’s difficult. I miss being a part of students’ lives, not like makes me feel like I’m worthy but I truly enjoy student interaction.”

According to NPR recent poll that not every American is ready to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Roughly 73% of Black people and 70% of white people said they intended to get a coronavirus vaccine or had already done so, despite the fact that 25% of black respondents and 28% of white respondents said they did not intend to get the vaccine. Only a quarter of Black and 37% of Hispanic stated that they would commit to getting the vaccine whenever it is available to the public. Considering that Black, Hispanic and Indigenous communities are at the highest risk of infection and are overrepresented in covid-19 deaths.

“There have been a few relatives that have passed away from this horrific pandemic. The passing of my Uncle was heartbreaking to me and to everybody. It’s like you doing fine for a day then the next day your gone. He was alone at the hospital for days, he was unable to breathe and having already health complications resulted to worsen his condition,” affirmed a Cicero resident and a parent of three children Lety Avila.

HELP ON THE WAY –At the Town of Cicero, residents from Cicero recently every day stand in line to either make an appointment or get a vaccine in order to prevent more cases of Covid-19. The majority of the people who have received the vaccine have been essential workers or/and older than 60 years old. Now it is an opportunity for other residents to obtain the shot in order to be immune towards the virus.

An investigation has revealed by the George Washington University that the anti-vaccine movement could be better at transmitting its message online to vaccine-hesitant people than pro-vaccine proponents. Facebook is conducting a large analysis of vaccination skepticism among US consumers. According to early results gathered by the Washington Post, only 111 users contributed half of all vaccine-skeptical material.

“There are a few people, especially few of my coworkers that would spread conspiracy theories about the Covid-Vaccine,” testified Lety Avila. “As a parent, I’m worried about the information that my children would obtain from this pandemic and [C]ovid-19 vaccine. There are people that can become easily convinced, but I respect that every person has different views. For a moment I thought this supposed information was real.”

Certain people do experience mild symptoms after being vaccinated. The common reactions that may affect more than one in ten people and typically get better within days include chills, tiredness, and aching muscles.

“Everyone has complained about the soreness. After my first shot, my arm felt like somebody punched me really hard but I did a little workout. I think working out made everything go away,” affirmed Romero.

Although, few people have had more serious short-term side effects after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, though this is uncommon. These side effects may include acute allergic reactions as well as anaphylaxis, a serious form of allergic reaction. After getting the covid-19 vaccine, it is recommended by the CDC to be monitored for at least 15 minutes afterward to make sure there is no development of any serious reaction.

“To be honest, when my husband received the vaccine, he experienced chills, fever, and pain everywhere. Like others I became afraid and changed my mind about getting the vaccine,” indicated Avila. “But in order to live in a normal world again, there are sacrifices and decisions we have to commit in order to make this happen, especially for the safety of my children.”

Whereas Jocelyn Arroyo conversed about her personal experience of testing positive towards Coronavirus including her family, “My mother was asymptomatic, yet for me I had chills, fever coughing, feeling pain or weakness, and couldn’t smell. I’m not sure where or how I got exposed to the virus because I was careful by wearing a mask, hand sanitizer, and everything. It was hard going through that, and I’m willing to do the same with the vaccine.”

Researchers aim to tweak coronavirus vaccines so that they continue to have high security as new disease types or mutations surge.