Night school enrollment up for session three

Fredi Sanchez Rodriguez, reporter

Enrollment in night school is increasing at Morton East — partly due to the need for credit recovery, as well as the fact that registration is free right now.

Have you ever been enrolled in a night school session while at Morton East? In a survey completed on 50 students at Morton, 10 of them said that they were currently enrolled in night school session 3 while 40 said they were not. That shows that 5% of the students surveyed were currently enrolled.

According to the 74, failing grades are on the rise across the country especially for those who are learning online. In New Mexico more than 40% of students were failing one or more classes as of late October. Recently the pandemic has taken a big toll on students and their grades as many can’t find the motivation to do work which will lead them to take Night school classes or summer school.

Many adults don’t understand the pressure being put on students but that is the reason why failing grades are on the rise because many students can not keep up.

“There are 760 students enrolled in night school session 3 this year,” Morton East Assistant Principal Mr. Depa stated.

This is obviously a very huge number compared to other years and the pandemic has a really big impact on it I believe.

“In terms of registration for night school this year, there has been an increase… 2019-2020 school year, 253 students were enrolled in night school session 1, and 231 were enrolled in session 2… for this year 359 students were enrolled in session 1, and 508 students were enrolled in session 2,” Morton East AP Mr. Depa said.

There is a huge increase in students from this year compared to past years which shows the effect e-learning and the pandemic are taking on students and their studies.