Covid-19’s effect on the environment

How has COVID-19 affected the environment?

Joaquin Leyva, Reporter

How has COVID-19 affected the environment? 

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone even for the environment, the measures taken to control the virus, and all the economic activities. Therefore, giving the environment time to get fresh air. In a recent poll I conducted, 26 people believe the environment has been able to take a break from human-made issues and people in general. 

Beforehand humans were traveling all over the world, factories were running nonstop, hunters and poachers were huntingAccording to “Environmental effects of COVID-19,” a study indicates that (the pandemic) significantly improved air quality in different cities across the world, lessens water pollution and noise, and reduces the pressure on tourist destinations, which may assist in environmental restoration.”

According to, extracting stone and lumber for construction and fracking slowed or ground to a halt because of Covid-19.  All the major construction companies closing and deforestation at its lowest point. Soon after the air measurements showed a massive decrease in air pollution levels. 

But, even during the pandemic, we are adding to the pile-up of garbage.

According to,  “there has been an increase in medical waste much of the personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare professionals can only be worn once before being disposed of afterwards.” 

At its peak of the outbreak, these PPE companies were producing over 200 tons of waste compared to the less than 50 tons prior to everything starting.   And, that’s not all.

“I heard that while carbon emissions went down at the onset of the pandemic because of quarantining and working from home, once cities started opening up, emissions went up to even higher than they were before Covid-19,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.