Morton East students will be taking the COVID-19 vaccine when Available


Josue Diaz

Morton east student thinking

Josue Diaz, Reporter

Most students say they will get the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

According to ScienceNewsforStudents, Some people might believe myths about the COVID-19 vaccine, but in reality, there isn’t anything to worry about.  No one has officially died from the vaccine.  There have been allergic reactions, with the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines — but no one actually died.  Teens will get the same vaccine as adults.  Some people also think that after you get the shot that you start getting chills and headaches or even a fever, but in reality, it’s just the immune system “Turning on” — with the only common side effects being a sore arm, aches, and chills.

In a random survey of 26 Morton East students,  22 said they will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine when available.

“I would take the COVID vaccine because I have older people living at home, and they could possibly get sick from it if we don’t take care of each other at home and possibly pass away if  COVID hits them,”  Senior Maria Zuniga said.

“I will be taking the COVID vaccine as soon as it’s available for me to get.  I have a lot of family,  and since my grandma is very sensitive (as well as other members of my family), I’d like to take precautions and keep them safe,” Senior Ariana Violantes said.

“I’ll be taking the COVID vaccine because it’s one step I can take to protect myself and the people around me.  I’ll want to take it as soon as possible just so things can go back to normal,”  Senior Andrik Nava said.

Still, some students won’t.

” I won’t be taking the COVID vaccine yet because I don’t really trust it since it’s the first vaccine that’s been developed. I might get it later on,”  Senior Sonia Lopez said.