Some students tied to Texas hard times

Jada Massallo, reporter

Texas recently experienced the worst snowstorm they have had in over 35 years.  It crippled the city because they weren’t prepared.

At the beginning of February, Texas got hit with a huge snowstorm causing severe weather conditions and many car accidents on the roads. In a poll of students, more than half say such Texas storms are worse than what we are used to in Chicago — and they did not experience the same weather conditions during the Chicago snowstorm a couple of days prior.

A survey revealed that many people in Texas didn’t have any power for more than three days in a row. The snowstorm caused many residents to have no food, no heat, no power. Over time, the residents learned how to adapt to ideas on how to stay afloat during this hard time. President Joe Biden signed for an emergency fund for Texas to get things such as food, clothes, power strips and many more things. Although Texas has never experienced anything like this before, they are taking all of the help they can get.   Many news sources like the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and others covered the harsh changes in Texas during this hard time and how the people who live there have to go through this traumatic experience.

“I can’t imagine what those poor are going through. They are so brave. The storm we had here in Chicago was nothing compared to what they had gone through,” said Berwyn resident Laverne Kotos.

Many people have strong feelings about what is going on in Texas. Senior Jesus Ramirez has had an uncle who lives in Texas and has strong feelings about what is going on.

“My uncle lives in Texas, and he has not had any power or any food for days. I wish I could be there to help him, but I am too far. (According to him) he has been lighting candles to stay warm,” said senior Jesus Ramirez.

CNN News wrote an article about the harsh conditions in Texas at the moment. CNN’s own people were in Texas to physically see the snowstorm. Many people were locked in their homes with no power or food for days at a time. CNN’s reporters have seen firsthand what the people in Texas are going through.

“Texans weathering harsh winter conditions will get hopefully get some relief from the cold soon,” said one CNN reporter.

The harsh weather conditions in Texas are dangerous for a lot of residents, but residents continue to get through it as a team. There are care packages available for all residents of Texas including food, water, and clothing.