Morton students choose social media over tv broadcast to stay informed

Social medias Morton students can use to stay informed

Social medias Morton students can use to stay up tp date to the latest news

Ketzaly Ocampo , Pony express reporter

According to the article “Teens hit Social Media For news” by Dian Schaffhausen, most teens rely on social media instead of News podcast Tv stations. Although most young adults between the ages of 15-19 claim to use social media as their main source to stay informed, some students still use news sources regularly to stay educated on current events. Amusingly enough, the distinguishing way in which teen stay informed does make one or the other less informative. One thing that is clear would be that these upcoming generations might not  stay tuned to the news the traditional way, but are indeed taking the information of what is happening in today’s society and keeping everyone up to date with a simple share and post button. In a recent survey of Morton students it showed that 21 students out of 22 choose social media as their main source to stay informed on todays events.

“I can imagine why social media is the main source for students, I use it myself to stay informed on the go especially in times like these” said Civics teacher Sandoval.

Along with the perspective of Morton teachers students seem to provide why they love social media as their main source of news

” I’m almost sure all teens love how social media can open so many doors like keeping up with the news, keeps teens informed with them not even realizing they’re being educated” said Senior Noemi Viallalobos

Although the popularity of social media to stay informed rises they do not discredit tv broadcasting

” I can say social media is the one I rely on the most mainly because its in the palm of my hand, but I must admit I keep up with the news through the tv on major events” said

senior Arely Ramirez.