Community center basketball court most popular for Morton Students


Reporter Lorena Cabrales took this picture right before playing basketball.

Community Center was most popular basketball court of last year for Morton East students.

In a random survey of 70 Morton East students, 59% said they go to Community Center. According to “Community Center” by Wikipedia, community centers are public locations where members of a community gather up for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.” Oddly, is a group of people were they socialize and have activities. People go to get information on what’s happening in the town. In a random survey of 70 Morton East students, 59% reported that Community Center was their favorite.

“Community Center because it’s closer to our community,” Senior Mariana Banderas said.

Warren Park came in second place with 30% votes. Students would go here because the park is very close to Morton Freshman School.

“I choose Warren Park because it’s one of my first parks that I went when I first got to my current house so that was like 13 years ago basically my whole life. It was also the park of my pre-k school,” Senior Michelle Velazquez said.

Columbus Park came in third place with 10% votes. Close to a school named Columbus West, where students use to go after school back when they were in elementary school.

“I would go a lot to Columbus Park just to play basketball since its closer to my house. There isn’t much there that’s why many people don’t go,” Cicero resident Anai Dominguez said.

Maywood Basketball Court received the fewest votes.

“Maywood Park didn’t get much votes because people don’t really live so close by there,” Cicero resident Sarai Dominguez said.