Morton students choose TikTok as most used app


Freshman Yaretzy Cante spending her time on TIkTok.

Denycely Cante and Michelle Velazquez

Tiktok was the most popular app of last year for Morton East students.  

According to Anne Freer, Tiktok was the most downloaded app of 2020. Tiktok was installed 63 million times in August when Covid-19 have started. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic is the impact for apps to be known as the most popular apps. Currently, Tiktok has most young people on the platform. 30% of users are 25 years old and up. Many users spends several hours watching Tiktok. In a random survey of 52 Morton East students, 33 students said Tiktok is the most popular app of the year 2020.  

“I think Tiktok is the most used because the app individualizes everyone’s feed so well. Everybody sees exactly what they want to see, and the infinity scroll encourages us to keep scrolling. I had to delete my Tiktok because I spent too much time on it! When I had Tiktok, some of the videos were clickbait. A lot of the stuff does not work, but I have seen people test  Tiktok hacks and there are some good ones! I do think the app can teach people skills for sure, you just must find a reliable source,” Math teacher Ms. Dorta said.   

Tiktok is the most used app because the app offers a variety of content depending on the user and on the for you page Tiktok recommends videos based on videos you previously liked, hence why users browse on the app endlessly for hours. It is good for people like me with short attention spans as the videos are a minute or less. The videos are endless and can easily become viral. They also allow you to share videos on different social media and share between your friends,” senior Briana Maciel said.   


YouTube came in second place with 9 votes. According to Oberlo, YouTube is the second most used app in 2020. YouTube is the biggest host of videos that users can watch anything. YouTube has gain 2 million users in 2020 and 79% of people have a YouTube account. YouTube has received more attention for a 62% from viewers than what television would get which is a 45%. 8 out of 10 consider YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform. Overtime 90% in the U.S have considered YouTube of being the most popular channel for digital video consumption.  

“It’s pretty crazy considering that over the past years not a lot of people used YouTube and now since new people are joining the YouTuber aspect of it sounds pretty amazing. I personally don’t use YouTube that much but when I did, I usually spend about three hours a day. What I liked about it is that usually the YouTubers that I like posted the most during the year 2020,” senior Daniela Moreno said.  

“During quarantine, I did use YouTube because it helps me be entertained because you can look up anything you want to watch or even hear music. Also, a lot of people don’t only use it to watch videos they also use it to watch movies,” senior Elizabeth Hilario.  


Snapchat came in third place with 5 votes. According to Clever Tap, Snapchat is used to share photos and videos with groups of friends or groups. Snapchat has gained the popularity of 400 million users. Snapchat has many unique features the user can expect in a mobile browser.  

“I feel like it depends on what the person likes to do and what app they like. Me personally I use Snapchat a lot because I like communicating with my friends there. It’s not the same anymore everything from Snapchat change their features but some people use Snapchat for Tiktok since they have all the filters that are needed for Tiktok,” resident Mathew Diaz said.  

“I think a lot of people found Snapchat a way to stay in contact with friends or relatives during this pandemic. Sharing memories and what they have been up to. I found Snapchat useful because is a easy way for me to talk with friends and share my adventures. Also is a way I can take pictures and have a little fun with the filters,” senior Nahideli Tapia said. 


Facebook came in fourth place with 4 votes. According to The Motley Fool by Evan Niu, Facebook has grown their users by creating several types of apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Until now, The Ceo Mark Zuckerberg is having a competition with other apps that are more entertaining to use. Tiktok beat Facebook on users and is now the top 5 on the best most used app in 2020.   

“I think Facebook wasn’t the popular app because it got old fast, the features were boring,” senior Edgar Macias said.  

“I think Facebook was the most consider app used because of the pandemic, many teens, adults were using Facebook during the pandemic and it would keep us entertained while we’re in a pandemic. My experience during the covid-19 pandemic while using Facebook was honestly really boring or a times fun, I was in the app every day, at times, but sometimes it got boring because it was overwhelming,” senior Melissa Barajas said. 


Zoom received the fewest votes. According to Business of Apps, Zoom had taken at the beginning of 2020 and more when the coronavirus pandemic started. The app Zoom was the most chosen app to be able to stay in touch with other people from other options. March 2020 Zoom was seeing 200 million daily meetings participates. Zoom was considered as an app for a business meeting. In March 2020 there were 2.13 million people had downloaded Zoom.   

“Zoom was the least popular app because Students were forced to download without even wanting to, and they had to use it for class every day. If an app was to be popular it’s because people like using it and in this case nobody likes using Zoom,” senior Fidel Delgdillo said. 

“I think before the pandemic even started; social media had already gathered a large population of users. Which is why, every year we see apps like Facebook, and recently TikTok, dominating the charts. Even after the pandemic, I don’t think Zoom could be capable of beating companies like Facebook. I personally didn’t use Zoom that much since Morton used Teams, but the time I have used it, I found it to be pretty easy to manage. It didn’t take long before I got used to the features. However, I think teams is better when it comes to work/school related meetings. Teams is just an easy, casual, and user-friendly app to interact with others senior Moises Enciso said.