Teachers gifted free flu shots

Jonathan Celaya, Reporter

Morton East High School District 201 gave the gift of flu shots to its teachers this year.

35 teachers at East received free flu shots on Wednesday, December 9. According to the CDC, the benefits of receiving a flu shot are that are you more unlikely to catch the flu, get hospitalized, or die from flu-related consequences.   While the flu shot is about 40% effective (on average) in preventing the flu, it is said to shorten the duration of the flu if you get a different strain than vaccinated for.  Flu vaccines are also being highly recommended due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“I will take anything that is free, and I take the flu shot every year,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Some people might disagree.

“In 1992, I got my first flu shot in October, and four months later I got the flu. Also, in 2008, I got my second flu shot.  Three months later I got the flu again.  Whenever I’ve gotten a flu shot, I’ve gotten the flu.  But, all the other times I didn’t get a shot — no flu,” English teacher Audrey Cunningham said.