Biden plans for the pandemic

Eric Torres, reporter

How will President-elect Joe Biden prevent further Covid-19 damage in his upcoming presidency?

The United States currently faces record high-levels of more than 100,000 cases of Covid-19 a day. President-elect Joe Biden has a plan to prevent further damage of the pandemic when he takes office on Jan. 20. He plans to create faster testing for covid, pay sick leave for positive testing covid patients, and give out more information about the spread in communities so they are able to take preventative precautions. In the U.S alone we have over 15 million cases of covid-19.  Joe Biden has promised to reduce the number of cases when he takes office. In a random survey of 22 Morton students, 15 reported family members having covid in the last 6 months.

Many believe Joe Biden will help stop the spread of covid and create a better life for the ones who already have it.

“When I tested positive for covid I wasn’t able to work for two weeks; without any other source of income, it was difficult paying for food, bills, etc,” a Berwyn resident said.

Unfortunately, the pandemic changed a lot of people’s lives, some for the worst, especially ones with families who are already struggling.

“When I tested positive for covid, me and my whole family had to isolate ourselves (and we were) not being able to go out and work. It really took its toll on my family, especially on my youngest who’s only four years old and doesn’t fully understand what’s going on.  But, thankfully, we’re getting through (it),” a Cicero resident said.

Joe Biden has created a way to help struggling families with covid-19, compensating those who lost jobs due to covid.

“Covid has been a struggle for me:  especially losing my job over it, testing positive, not being able to work, almost losing my house. It has been very difficult and I have not gotten any help,” a Berwyn resident said.

Many families are struggling and Joe Biden is creating ways to better those struggling families and help prevent further damage from covid.

“Thankfully, I haven’t caught covid myself, but I have lost family due to the virus, and it has been very difficult losing them. Working at a place where my chances of catching covid are high is becoming very stressful.  Having to self isolate myself for even one symptom of covid and getting tested took time.  I had to wait (at home) to get the results which really took time away time that I could have been working,” Cicero resident said.