Minimum suspensions, but still happening, during remote

Francisco Montoya , Reporter

Twelve students have been suspended this year during remote learning.

School suspensions have been dropping for years — but never so much as during remote learning.  According to Reema Amin of “chalkbeat” {an essential education reporting website of New York}, “in total, suspensions dropped to 18,215 during the 2019-20 school year, down about 45% from 32,801 the previous school year.”  In Mr. Asay’s opinion, he felt that the number of student suspensions at East this year would probably be way down as compared to previous years.

“In my opinion students would have to be inappropriate during class time either by using inappropriate language verbally or in the chat, playing inappropriate music during class, or any inappropriate disruption of the academic flow of that class,” Morton East high school English teacher Mr. Tony Asay said.

Fortunately, looking at the numbers, there hasn’t been a lot of that.

“I’ve heard about other schools dealing with students saying inappropriate things; at one school I heard that a student brandished a gun.  Now, that’s a reason to get expelled.  But, other than a couple of unintentional f-bombs, my students have acted respectively,” journalism teacher Kent Frankofther said.

Lead dean Ms. Gomez was able to provide the newspaper with the total number of suspensions this year.  All in all, Morton is pretty well behaved.