Students still believe election was fair

Andres Carrasco, reporter

The majority of students at East don’t think the election was rigged, like Trump claims. 

 According to the Washington Post, a bunch of foreign countries that could have possibly intervened with the election are China, Russia, and Iraq.  (Russia has been ‘linked’ with Trump for disinformation, and China  has been linked to the Biden’s for business dealings.) According to CNBC on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, the FBI came out and warned about Iraq interfering by sending out threatening emails or by trying to penetrate the election systems. Now, according to, they said Trump made a “silly” claim when he said that ‘millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries,’ Trump also claimed that thousands of ballots weren’t delivered, But is that far fetched?  According to FOX 10 Phoenix, “according to a statement released by police officials on their Facebook page on Nov. 3, 18 early election ballots were found underneath some concrete and rocks at a farm near 99th Avenue and Glendale by a man named Brayan Ruiz.” (This somewhat supports Trumps claims.) 

So, how did the Russians try to help Trump win the elections? According to TIME, they say that a bunch of Russians hacked Hillary Clinton, and released her emails, to make Trump look good. Now, they claim that the Russians did it again, when a former Navy Seal, a business mail, and someone who has dealt with the Biden family first hand, Tony Bobulinski, came out and said, that Joe Bidens son, Hunter Biden, had dealings with the Chinese, which could mean that China might have had something to do with the election. Biden has said before that he had no connections with his son and his business deals, but Tony Bobulinski said that he did know about the deals. When Trump brought this up in the debate, he countered Trump instead of denying it.  (Which then again MIGHT prove that Trump is right about the election being rigged, with the possible involvement of the Chinese.)  In addition, Trump claimed they were covering the windows at ballot centers in order to cheat the system without anyone noticing. But, the New York Times said it was to stop the protestors that were left outside screaming “stop the count!” Regardless, in all this drama, in a random survey of 50 people, 41 said that they do not think the election is rigged. 

 Trump has been blamed for attempting to go to court, and many people don’t think he’s in the right. 

 Every citizen has a right to their day in court if they have a legitimate complaint. So, if Trump truly has legitimate evidence (which we’ve not yet been made aware of), then sure he’s justified. Having not seen any evidence, I think he’s just being a sore loser,” Morton East teacher Brian White said. 

 Mail-in ballots have also been deemed unsafe by Trump and his administration but other people beg to differ. 

 “They should be allowed, but I do think states should require they all be postmarked at least a week before election day so that they all arrive by election day. In other words, no more putting your mail-in ballot in the mailbox on election day, or just a day or two before election day. Get those ballots in on time!” Morton East teacher Brian White said. 

 Trump will also seek to overturn states in his favor, but will he be able to? 

 Yes, I think he is justified in going to court.  We live in a democratic society where we let courts make decisions. As the president of the United States, he can request a recount and leave it to the judicial system. I do not think he will like the decisions of the court, but he is justified,” Mr. White said.  

 If Trump has proof, he’s done a really bad job of releasing it to the public because a lot of people aren’t aware of it.  

 “It could have been (rigged) but there isn’t any evidence that it could be, at least there isn’t any yet,” senior Diana Bucio, from Evergreen Park Community High school, said.