Young voters influence election 2020

Ketzaly Ocampo and Emily Velazquez

Young voters had a voice in this election.

According to the article “why so many young people showed up on election day” by Lili Pike, young people were driven to vote to make a difference that allowed their voices to be heard. Although young voters happen to be divided between Republican and Democrat both sides using their vote for what they believed benefitted their livelihood, this resulted in 63% of young voters casting for Democrat Biden and only 35% casted for Republican Trump. Interestingly, their motivation for voting were remarkably diverse: on one side were the concerns of the economy, on the other was the former President’s response to Covid, racism, climate change etc.  (One thing that is clear is that the voice of young voters looked for the greater good.) 

 In survey of 20 Morton students over 85% voted that they believed that this year’s elections were in need for their voice to determine the future of this country. The other 15% did not seem to put an interest in this year’s election.  And, some people switched parties this election. 

“I voted blue this year; I know many people in this community who would be very heavily affected by this year’s election.  I really believe the young vote mattered much this year,” said Cicero Resident Martha Toledo  

So, what did the young have to say?

This year I voted for Biden because I think it would benefit my family and me in the future due to Biden’s immigration plans,” said senior Arely Ramirez.  

Of course, everyone has their own opinion.  There are Trump fans here as well.

“I voted for Donald Trump this year.  Not only do we agree on many things, I also voted for him since I’m more of a conservative person,” one anonymous senior student said.