East students, staff support free college

Denise Garcia , Reporter

Should community college be free?  Morton East thinks so.

President Joe Biden wants to make community college free. Former President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are planning to make community college free and also cut down loans by $10,000. They plan to make this take effect sometime in 2021. This will help out students and families dealing with money issues.

According to “Inside Higher ED” by  Kerry Murakami, President Donald Trump and now President-elect Joe Biden, have been having some disagreement about making some community colleges free. Some colleges will be free for families that make $125,000 or less per year. The colleges might include a 2-year college or 4-public colleges. Traditionally, in a college, it’s 2-years and mostly everyone can get into it. Initially, it doesn’t matter if your parents make $125,000 a year or less. They want to help families that aren’t able to pay for a college or university. They want to make sure everyone gets a chance to go to college. They want to try and make it happen all over the world, but mainly in the United States. But in reality, 83% percent of the Democrats are leaning toward making it free, and only 5% of Republicans are going against the whole idea.  Also more mind-blowing is that 12% of the Republicans who have said to make it free didn’t even go to college or a university.  One problem though:   if colleges were to be free, maybe colleges won’t have the money to pay their teachers, or stay open. In a random survey of 10 Morton East students and 10 adults,  11  said that community college should be free.

“Community college should be free because it’s in an area where people could actually attend, and I feel like everyone should get the chance to go to college without having to worry about student debt or tuitions,” student Destiny Sanchez said.

Unfortunately, financial aid doesn’t cover all the costs, and there’s more to worry about now.

“Community college should be free because unfortunately there are some households that can not afford (tuition and fees) even with financial aid. Besides paying for college, we need to pay for books, transportation to and from college. Right now that we’re unfortunately in a pandemic, we also need a computer and/or laptop,” student Fatima Perez said.

Importantly, community college could benefit a lot of students and family,

“Community college should be free since it’s open to the public, and it helps those who couldn’t receive an education to get one and earn a chance to pursue a career,” student Kimberly Pizarro said.

Unfortunately, some people disagree.

“Community college should not be free because America itself is already in debt, and they should think about lowering the price — but not making it completely free,” student Maria Montes said.