Half of Our Students Would Consider a New COVID-19 Vaccine

Karla Perez, Reporter

Half of the students surveyed at Morton East would probably get a Covid-19 vaccine willingly, but the other half feel they are better off without the vaccine.

Recent discoveries of a vaccine for a deadly infections disease have been discovered and the rumor is spreading, like wildfire. Would you consider injecting this vaccine, or be more concerned about what could happen from this new drug?  According to the, “Center for Disease Control and Prevention”, a recent study was done, over a series of seven days, where new Covid-19 cases, deaths, and total cases have been reported. During the last seven days, 366,645 people have tested positive for Covid-19, making it a total of 7,894,768 cases to have been reported. Sadly, there has also been 831 new deaths, making a total Covid-19 death rate of 216,025. Prior to this, a new vaccine has been discovered named the, “Cocktail Cure”. Initially, doctors are still gathering further information from clinical trial on an experimental drug in Colorado. In a random survey of 50 Morton students, 57% claimed they’d be better off without the new COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, 42% said they’d be open to the idea of getting the vaccine. 

“Three-quarters of adults would get a vaccine for COVID-19 if I were available,” according to a new survey from the World Economic Forum. These same people, where then asked if they didn’t want the vaccine, how come?”

Globally, 56% said they were worried about the side effects, 29% were worried about the effectiveness and 17% said they were against vaccines in general. This relates to the Morton survey conducted, by proving how others believe they’d be better off without this new vaccine. This makes people wonder when there would even be a vaccine released.

“Nearly three in five adults don’t think a vaccine would be available to them by the end of 2020. An approved product is still months, if not years away, and public health agencies have not yet mounted campaigns to promote it,”  said Warren Cornwall,”  according to a Ipsos survey performed by the WEF. 

The citizens don’t seem to have such good hope in a new vaccine arising to the surface soon. 

“An approved product is still months, if not years away, and public health agencies have not yet mounted campaigns to promote it. Any coronavirus vaccine will face additional hurdles especially the lack of long-term safety record,” said Warren Cornwall. 

The vaccine must be safe enough to be put out in public, if not the results can be drastic.

“What can I do now to help protect from getting COVID, since a vaccine is not yet available?” said one student surveyed.

The answer is what most people already know.  You should frequently keep your hands clean by washing them, wear masks covering both, your mouth and nose, avoid large crowds and be aware if someone nearby has any symptoms.