Morton’s thoughts on the Doomsday clock


David Salas, Reporter

Morton East High School students share their thoughts on global warming along with the Doomsday clock

According to The Washington Post, the world now has 7 years, 101 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes and 22 seconds until Earth’s carbon budget is depleted and nothing can be done about it after the time runs out. Over time we will suffer from more wildfires, droughts, and heatwaves due to the overload of carbon we should be expecting. Initially the “Doomsday clock” is our world’s deadline clock but if we act fast we can change that to a lifeline clock. Carbon emissions must be reduced and time is running out so at this point it’s all up to the people since the government is taking to action. A random survey of 50 students it shows that 49 of them believe in global warming along with the Doomsday clock.

“YES, there is nothing but the science behind global warming. Carbon Dioxide emissions are contributing to global warming/climate change. There are many ecosystems being affected, and many species suffering the consequences. Even species in the Ocean are being affected due to Carbon Dioxide absorption acidifying the Oceans,” Chemistry teacher Mrs. Huerta said.

A student from Morton also had something to say.

“I do believe in it, everyone is saying that it’s nothing major when our world is going to be gone in a matter of years if the government keeps acting like all this is a small thing,” senior Adrian Salamanca said.

Some also agreed with others.

“I do believe in that doomsday clock and I hate global warming if there’s no snow this winter I’m gonna be mad,” senior Jahir Rodriguez said.

Meanwhile, we had some students who just weren’t buying it.

“I want to believe in global warming but I just see no difference in the world,” senior Fernando Ruiz said. Another student had the same thoughts, “I haven’t heard of the doomsday clock but it’s probably a lie just to see if the government would do anything about global warming,” senior Albert Hurtado said.

Well, does Morton actually believe in global warming and the Doomsday clock? After doing all this investigating and interviews the quotes and polls should show that they in fact do believe in it with the exception of a few students being skeptical about the situation.