Trick-or-Treat 2020: Only a third of students going


Zael Zuniga

A mixture of all types of candies in one picture. a few are sour and a few others are sweet! I featured the Oreo’s because they’re great.

Zael Zuniga, Reporter

Only a fraction of East students will be trick-or-treating this Halloween.

According to the, this year, trick-or-treating won’t be the same as past Halloweens. With Covid-19, the safety of  trick-or-treating was questioned. Until now, people weren’t so happy about the idea of Halloween being cancelled. Now, the IDPH has informed everyone that trick or treating is going to happen. However, people must only go out with family household members and if their costume can’t cooperate with a facemask, then they must pick another costume. In a random survey of 92 Morton East Students, 35 are still going to go trick-or-treating this year.

“I don’t think trick or treating will be responsible for an increase. I think cases will increase because of people gathering in large crowds indoors,“ Morton East painting teacher Lisa Dure said.   

Although people might get some crowded spots, Halloween in 2020 won’t be having people together in large groups.

“Unfortunately, I do think the cases of Covid-19 will rises, just as cases tend to rise after any large social gathering, people let their guard down and forget about safety precautions,” Morton East drawing teacher Teresa Cantero said.

But yet again, we live in a world where people think if you feel normal with no symptoms. You’re not sick even though the virus can be spread without any sick symptoms.