How many babies are conceived on Valentines Day?

Flavio Rivera , Eric Rincon, and Cris Fitz

Valentine’s Day is known as the day to celebrate your love with a significant other, but does that mean that most babies are conceived on Valentine’s Day? According to the CDC and Social Security Administrations estimated that 10,408 babies are born in November after being conceived on Valentine’s Day . This number seems surprising, in fact September actually wins first place in most babies born, averaging upwards 11,000 babies on a annual basis.

A few interviews were done with friends and administrator’s about sex on Valentine’s Day.

When asked, what are your thoughts about sex on Valentine’s day they responded with, “Don’t do it,” Journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother said boldly.

Another interview question asked was, what advice would you give too teens on Valentine’s Day?

They stated,”A movie/dinner might cost a bit more, but still cheaper than a baby,” Journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother advises.

The last question asked in the interview was, if pregnancies do go up on Valentine’s Day how can we prevent these from happening again?

responded with, “Don’t get talked into it and use protection if sexual activity’s do happen,” said Junior Marco Canton.