Will You Be Single On V-Day?


Most students at Morton East High School will be boo’d up for Valentine’s Day.

Passing out valentine’s is a 600-year-old tradition. Each year, kids in classrooms across America hand out valentine’s day cars to their classmates. Being part of a couple is not as common as it used to be: More than one in four Americans lives alone. The number of single adults around the world is also higher than it has ever been, says social scientist Bella DePaulo. In a random survey of 150 Morton East students, 120 students reported that they won’t be single on valentine’s day, while 30 students reported they will be single on valentine’s day.

“There’s no purpose behind valentine’s day it’s not important at all what so ever, just another day for people to spend money,” AP Ms. Rzadzki said.

Some people feel as though that valentine’s day is a waste of time but not only that is a waste of money.

“I think valentine’s day is so overrated, girls expecting gifts.. just a waste of time,” junior Kiaralyn Castro said.

It seems like some people have a perception of valentines being a day of just wasting money and giving gifts for no reason.

”Get your valentine’s a carnation from the Bible club before and after lunch for a dollar!” graphic arts teacher Ms. Michau said.