Black Friday Deals: Worth the hassle?

Black Friday Deals:  Worth the hassle?

In a 70 to 30 split, more people go Black Friday shopping than those who choose not to. 

America’s big ‘holiday’ is right around the corner. Black Friday! For many Americans, it represents savings galore, for others it’s a day to frantically avoid. Did you know that the average spending is about $472 dollars per person on black Friday shopping? Also store credit card Applications increase around the time black Friday shopping comes around. Surprisingly the day after thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers as bizarre as this may sound, it was reported by CNN who explain that the plumbers are needed to clean up after guests “overwhelm the system”. In Mexico, it is referred to as “El Buen Fin” which translates to “the good weekend” also El Buen Fin lasts for the entire weekend instead of just one day. Black Friday shopping has also spread to over 15 countries in the world for many years, some Canadian retailers had even worried when costumers went in the states of Black Friday in search for great deals, which forced them to start their own Black Friday deals. Since then, Various other places in the world have taken on this tradition including the UK, Brazil, India, France, Norway and many other countries globally. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 70 students reported going black Friday shopping. However, 30 students reported preferring going online to avoid the large lines, possible arguments, or any other hassles they may face at the store. 

 “I would rather shop online then go to stores less there’s chaos,” Security Louis said 

 Morton East student thinks the same. 

 “It’s better shop online since you can reserve or purchase things in advanced,” said Dean Depa.

 On this occasion, Morton East Student has a different opinion.

 “I mostly target big stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Office Depot because that’s where they have the best deals in my opinion,” Sophomore Elias Hernandez said. 

 In addition, most of consumers waste around the same amount of money. 

 “I waste about 500 dollars on black Friday shopping usually and get many things” Senior Alex Nunez said.