Morton’s CNA program is highly competitive, highly desired

CNA Classes Wheeling, IL

CNA Classes Wheeling, IL

A selective Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program offered to East and West students by Morton College is highly exclusive and competitive — so much so that the majority of students surveyed are considering it.  

 There are programs in which Morton provides students to become Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). For example, Morton College provides a program in which both Morton West and East students who are 16 and older can be a part of. The program starts the second semester of the school year but before students can apply, they must take a written test, pass a drug test, and get extra vaccinations. The program is very limited on space, with only 30 spots available to both Morton West and East to fulfil. The role of the program is to help nurses and the patient. Students must also meet twice a week. In a survey out of 100 students 62% of students considered becoming a CNA 

“I’ve thought about doing it but getting to the hospital where you needed to work was a mission,” ex Morton East student Yuriela Covarrubias.  

The program is obviously overwhelming for some students because it stresses them out both in school and in prepping to become a CNA.  

“The CNA program is a difficult program that takes dedication, the students must be serious because the program isn’t a joke,” Morton West student Edgar Rios said. 

Students who aren’t willing to put in the time and effort into the program, they will find themselves falling behind in not only in school but in extracurricular activities.  

“The program was very difficult because I had to manage my time with school, family, swimming, and the program,” senior Josh Sanchez said.      

Some people within the program however, had bad experiences,                                                                                                                                                                                                          

“The CNA program made me feel really bad about myself the instructor always made me feel dumb because I wouldn’t understand some materials,” said ex Morton East Alex Luna. 

You must be physically, mentally and emotional prepared to take the program. 

“To avoid getting stressed out write all I have to do and get done ahead of time so I could prepare myself,” senior Alyssa Rivera said.